About Us

About Us

ICO Announcement is the largest cryptocurrency channel on Telegram with over 500k subscribers

What We Do

We provide an impartial place to learn about blockchain projects and ICOs. Through our website, Telegram channel and Twitter feed enthusiasts can receive real and objective reviews from our in-house and outsourced cryptocurrency professionals.

Trust Is Everything

Trust is the most important thing to us at ICO Announcement. Which is why we ensure our ratings are truly objective and the honest opinion of the rating agents, based on their careful analysis of the projects.

Eliminating “Paid Reviews”

It’s sad but unfortunately many so-called “ICO Experts” accept large sums of money to provide favourable ratings for projects without ever completing due diligence on the technology or founders of the project. In order to eliminate this, we subscribe to an anonymous rating protocol.

How We Do It

We, of course, trust our rating agents but for the peace of mind of everyone, prior to completing a review.

  1. The rating agent’s identity is kept confidential and not revealed to the project owners, this ensures that all projects are rated with the highest degree of honesty and our readers can be assured that the ratings provided are based on merit and not the budget of the project.
  2. Agents are given a short time period to complete the review which further limits the possibility of a rogue agent reaching out to a project to request payment.
  3. All projects are rated by a minimum of 5 professionals and the overall rating is based on the average of all the ratings combined.

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