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Bitcademy Football

Bitcademy is multidimensional. We combine brick and mortar foundation and virtual world. We are football academies helping and empowering young players to achieve their dreams. We create and use new technologies, artificial intelligence and player predictions to make sure we have the best talent. Finally, we use marketplace powered by the blockchain to ensure fans participate in the game and create their future stars.

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The Membrana platform is intended to bring investors and traders together for concluding mutually beneficial blockchain-protected contracts for the trust management of cryptocurrency assets. Membrana provides investors and traders with a transparent, decentralized and secure system, which controls the process of concluding and executing a contract up to the point of revenue gained by both parties. Membrana provides investors and traders with a transparent, decentralized and secure system, which controls the process of concluding and executing a contract up to the point of revenue gained by both parties. Membrana believes in community wisdom and sees their investors as important contributors to the platform’s development and improvement. Membrana is creating trust, a transparent financial world to bring financial freedom to everyone, regardless of their social status.

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Globiance is a fully regulated FIAT<>CRYPTO exchange platform based in Malta. Development for their platform has already been completed and it will go live on the 1st of April 2019. Through the platform, traders will not only be able to trade the top crypto currencies and tokens but they will also be able to create individual IBAN accounts (Similar to an EU bank account) which will support SEPA/SWIFT payment methods. Users will also have the ability to receive virtual and conventional prepaid cards. Over the coming months Globiance indends to offer fully regulated Security Token Trading and Traditional Assets Trading on their platform. Token holders of their native ERC20 Token (GBEX) will benefit from reduced trading fees and the ability to make payments to merchants within the iGaming industry, which is one of their main focuses. Additionally crypto projects can use GBEX as payment method when listing on the Globiance exchange..

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Netrum (NTR)

Netrum is a blockchain-based technology, which proposes to offer better scalability, higher transaction speed, and security compared to Bitcoin or Ethereum. Netrum is going to utilize its own blockchain and enable new token-based projects (DApps) to run on NETRUM blockchain. 

Netrum makes use of Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm for the first 50,000 blocks. The following blocks will be mined by using Proof of Stake (PoS). Netrum also offers Masternodes. Anyone in the platform can become a Masternode, provided that they keep 2,000 NTR coins as collateral. Netrum has a static coin supply, which is limited to 11,000,000 NTR coins.

Netrum offers three types of wallets: 

•  Web Wallet and/or Paper Wallet called NETWEB.

•  Hot Wallet/Mobile Apps Wallet called NETMOBILE.

•  Cold storage / Hardware Wallet called NETCARD.

The project also features an internet-based payment system, called NETPAY, which serves as an intermediary facility as a way for paying utility bills, advertising, and traveling payments. The customers, who use the Netrum platform will also be able to save, trade and exchange the NTR coins with Bitcoin or other altcoins directly.

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Alive Casino

The Alive Casino is the world’s first cryptocurrency casino to offer a Virtual Reality gambling experience. The Casino is first and foremost, of course, a business, but it is also a living, breathing community. Alive Casino’s chief objective is to operate in such a way that allows online casinos to occupy a greater share of the gambling market. This goal will be achieved through two key strategies: first, by following only transparent practices, largely through Blockchain technology, and second, by enabling a real human experience for online players through effective social media and a Virtual Reality gambling experience.

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Trade Place

TradePlace is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform. It will form a new innovative platform to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, and other popular cryptocurrencies and tokens. Users will receive expert analysis of the current state of coin and token pairs, and they’ll be able to withdraw their money easily and receive alerts for scam cryptocurrencies. TradePlace will also have an awesome forum for users to exchange ideas and share experience with like-minded individuals. All of this in one simple yet powerful exchange platform.

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The company behind the Remco Remittance Token, VTN Global Inc., is a 2011 established us-based company focused on mobile payment and international money transfer, which processed over $700m in money transfers by leading remittance partners on their platform across the last two years and serves over 3.6 million users. With that much knowledge in the books, REMCO aims now to change the process of international money transfers once and for all with their revolutionary REMCO Remittance Token.

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Arfreyr is an m-commerce platform which brings AR (Augmented Reality) and e-commerce together. AR is an integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time. It comes in various forms such as mobile phones and smart glasses. Basically it uses the physical world we know and overlays new information on top of it. “PinTrip” by Freyr Studio is their first AR based navigation app. The App is available on the AppStore ( and received quite well reviews so far.

Arfreyr builds a platform that provides detailed information in a visual way. They aim to create an ecosystem that will unite customers, merchants and suppliers on a blockchain platform for trading goods across the globe where crypto and fiat can coexist. Their platform will be a bridge between the physical world and digital world. Through their app you will be able to visualize the products just like you are actually wearing it. Therefore, there will be no need to go to a physical store and see the samples of product to purchase it. The platform will basically bring the product to you and visualize it as you are actually in the wardrobe and test it on your own. Additionally the user will be able to check the price digitally, view a 3D presentation of the product and they will do all of those with their mobile devices without even leaving the house and going to a sample shop.
In the digital world we are living, the users will, of course, also be able to take photos and share them with their friends and followers on social media. These will make shopping very effective and easy. Furthermore, Arfreyr will make it possible for people to purchase on the go with their smartphones or tablets by simply scanning the AR-enabled images. Thus, this featured e-commerce platform will also be attractive for brand owners as a way to advertise their brands and products.

Arfreyr, in addition to creating an exchange, will use their FRY Token as main currency on the platform to make it more convenient. Additional discounts for users who uses FRY as payment method will make it even more attractive to use the FRY Tokens.

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‘GBPT’ is an online store that will offer electronic products from the top 10 Electronics brands and some more with most used products, not only this but also will offer the Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware (Bitmain). All our customers will be able to purchase any available product on the store using GBPT, BTC and ETH. You will be able to buy unlimited Electronics with full warranty using CryptoCurrency. You don’t need to worry about your Credit/Debit card information anymore when shopping online, moreover forget about waiting weeks/months to receive your purchases.

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Perucoin is a project initiated by the company Bits2u, which aims to expand knowledge about cryptocurrencies in Peru and will focus on: Encouraging the public to invest in cryptocurrencies, creating one of the biggest mining farms in Peru, teaching visitors how the mining machines and the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem works.

PeruCoin is developed for mainstream adoption in Peru and will provide an all-in-one solution for crypto-enthusiasts and investors to ensure value maximization for their clients. They aim to bring awareness about crypto, improve the understanding of blockchain’s reliability and drive adoption, especially in Peru, by providing guided visits to their crypto mining farm. Therefore the enlightenment of visitors, who doesn’t trust cryptocurrencies and doesn’t know how the crypto and mining machines work, will be improved and the value of PeruCoin will be increased. They will also offer several crypto-advisory and trading services.

Their ecosystem will make their community members related and access to several valuable services on their platform. Participating in many crypto-transactions without any barriers will be provided to all community members and they will reward their loyal customers who will use their PERU Token. PeruCoin is also dedicated to have a stable coin to serve their purposes because of the risk that flactuations of the tokens value in circulations may cause lots of difficulties for the operations of their business model. They will have a Controlled Reserve Fund which will consist of two primary functions. In addition to spend PERU on their platform, the PERU owners will be incentivized to hold their tokens as long-term growth assets. The Controlled Reserve Fund will be the sole property of PeruCoin and funds will not be available to distribute or be accessed by investors or employees. Investors and employees also will not allowed to trade PERU for 48 hours following a sale or buyback from the Reserve fund.

3.5  |  Ethereum  |  Education
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The Joy

The Joy aims to bring more joy into everyone’s life by building the first beauty and wellness ecosystem. The Joy is made for consumers as well as for service providers. Everyone likes to treat themselves, however, going to the beauty salons can often be a hassle. First, you need to find a nearby salon that fits your requirements and budget, then, you need to book an appointment and get to the salon. For a 3.7 billion USD market, this procedure is somehow outdated. Yet until today, there is no Uber or Deliveroo for the Beauty treatment industry. Well, there wasn´t – The Joy aims precisely that.

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