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UnicornGo is an online game in which users will be able to buy, sell, exchange, upgrade, breed and even clone mythical unicorns. After an oecumenical cataclysm occurred and the human civilization died, our planet is populated by unicorns which are result of genetic and quantum experiments of a mad scientist.

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Asia Pacific is now the world’s largest travel market (33%) led by China (220 million outbound trips by 2025) and Southeast Asia which is the fastest growing region (increasing at 7% vs global 3%). The market for Global Travel Activities is the 3rd largest travel sector in the world and set to grow to US$129 billion by 2020. WEGOGO is launching its own WeGold Travel Token to pioneer a new decentralized, fair-share ecosystem -‘PathFinder Model’ – to empower travel loving people to help discover and share the long tail of travel experiences. This peer-to-peer model incentivises our PathFinders to create a new stream of income doing what they love and scale the ‘Unscalable’. Currently, WEGOGO has a proven system on WeChat, iOS and soon-to-be launched Andriod featuring over 10 islands and 400 activities with over 5,000 transactions conducted on its beta. By 2020, WEGOGO will expand to cover 125 destinations and 16,000 activities for bookings.

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Connect coin (XCON) is Ethereum based coin (ERC20) design to “connect the world” by simplifying means of payment and transfer of money globally, It aims to empower merchants by giving them easily and trusted payment system based on blockchain by using Connect coin, this system known as CONNECT PAY. Connect coin will connect buyers and sellers in its global market for goods and services known as Connect marketplace where sellers will be able to advertise their goods and services and buyers can see and purchase easily by using Connect coin.

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Bitstars is a Casino platform where anyone can enjoy his time, our Poker APP is available to play , CASINO SLOTS and SPORTSBOOK are in late development! Why is Bitstars created for community? Because we don’t plan to hold an ICO, also we have working product, our Poker APP is ready and everyone can join it and get 1000 (BST) if he decides to participate in our Airdrop! The largest part of TOKENS (BST) will be distributed to Community with Airdrop 240m (BST),Poker Tournaments, Casino Jackpots, Sportsbook Bonuses in total we will distribute 70% to community !
Also, one of the main advantages is the Affiliate Program where every player can receive up to 50% of profit generated from invited players, which mean that every player will have equal share of the profit!

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Imagine a world where you receive 100% cashback, on everything you buy. REME-Coin has created a global ecosystem that allows for all goods and services to be fully repaid automatically to the consumers of the world. As users make purchases on the platform, their data grows in value. Advertisers pay for user data with REME-Coin, making this token fully backed by the attention economy, the gold of the 21st century.

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FortFC is a liquidity provider on the cryptocurrency market that aggregates buy and sell orders simultaneously from a pool of the most popular world exchanges and accumulates the necessary liquidity volume at the right time specifically for its customers. The unique set of services includes online Deposit/Withdraw/Exchange of various cryptocurrencies for another cryptocurrency or converting crypto into fiat currencies with the most favourable rates on the market.

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Advantages of GSTAR game.

The age of real games has come. Now the game also produces value.

Mobile game mining, rewards program

Now mining is no longer labour. Let’s enjoy mining. in 2019, new mining will emerge. The game itself is mining. Not just one or two, but about 10 are launched at the same time. A new age comes to mining. GSTAR opens a new mobile mining era. So far, there was no compensation program ~ !!!

Mining can be done by investing in cash, but users who purchase GSTAR can reinvest and mine GSTAR. If you buy GSTAR now, you will get two benefits. If you reinvest in mining with GSTAR, which you initially bought at a cheap price, your profits will be multiplied.

Competitive Rewards Games

It is a program that rewards all the users from all over the world by ranking them from the first to the last. Imagine it. It is an exciting reward game program where thousands of people and millions of people compete in a massive competition. It gives rewards to the last. What is my rank?

The existing mining Agency should go away.

Even if you invest only 45 seconds, it will be mined. It is always possible to be mined when taking a break in the subway, toilet, etc. It is not uneasy because the user can directly mine the game and check it immediately. Anyone in the world can mine. It is very simple, not complex. Mining is possible without teaching.

New mobile mining era, no waste of resources.

Are you going to the North Pole for mining? I play and mine. It does not cost expensive electricity like existing mining. No space needed. Time is also saved. It may take a while.

A truly shared economy has been begun.

Mobile mining is not as monopolistic as existing mining. 1 person, 1 mobile mining only. A truly shared economy begins.

Coins mined in the game, used in the real world.

Now, play produces value. It will be used for various Internet contents and shopping with coins mined while playing. We plan to apply various contents such as self-prepared and affiliated Internet contents. For example, content can be used in many places, including education and download services.

GSTAR mined is traded on the exchange.

The coins mined are of course traded on the exchange. It can be converted into the currency of each country through the exchange and used in reality. We are already negotiating with various countries to list on various exchanges.

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Our CoinCasso Exchange CCX Token holders will have the greatest impact on the introduction of new currencies and innovations. CCX tokens work in a similar way as tokens on other exchanges but they have additional value for the users of the exchange. Owners of the tokens have the ability to participate in the company, reduce the transaction fees and give the token holders the right to receive a part of the profit made by the company. CoinCasso is subject to two EU directives on safety, it is fully licensed throughout the European Union. Our mission is to change the world. We want to create large crypto-society around the world, by providing innovative solutions based on blockchain technology. We believe in creating a better future in money transfer and exchange services. We are sure of the wide application of blockchain technology and the benefits of cryptocurrencies in the near future. By introducing global solutions through education, making the crypto ecosystem friendly for everyone

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Arfreyr is an m-commerce platform which brings AR (Augmented Reality) and e-commerce together. AR is an integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time. It comes in various forms such as mobile phones and smart glasses. Basically it uses the physical world we know and overlays new information on top of it. “PinTrip” by Freyr Studio is their first AR based navigation app. The App is available on the AppStore ( and received quite well reviews so far.

Arfreyr builds a platform that provides detailed information in a visual way. They aim to create an ecosystem that will unite customers, merchants and suppliers on a blockchain platform for trading goods across the globe where crypto and fiat can coexist. Their platform will be a bridge between the physical world and digital world. Through their app you will be able to visualize the products just like you are actually wearing it. Therefore, there will be no need to go to a physical store and see the samples of product to purchase it. The platform will basically bring the product to you and visualize it as you are actually in the wardrobe and test it on your own. Additionally the user will be able to check the price digitally, view a 3D presentation of the product and they will do all of those with their mobile devices without even leaving the house and going to a sample shop.
In the digital world we are living, the users will, of course, also be able to take photos and share them with their friends and followers on social media. These will make shopping very effective and easy. Furthermore, Arfreyr will make it possible for people to purchase on the go with their smartphones or tablets by simply scanning the AR-enabled images. Thus, this featured e-commerce platform will also be attractive for brand owners as a way to advertise their brands and products.

Arfreyr, in addition to creating an exchange, will use their FRY Token as main currency on the platform to make it more convenient. Additional discounts for users who uses FRY as payment method will make it even more attractive to use the FRY Tokens.

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Betmatch is a blockchain solution for bookmakers that primarily allows players to bet against each other and the house using cryptocurrencies with trustworthy customer fund depositing, bet execution, and payouts. The second layer of the system is social betting network with original players and project supporters motivation system.

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3DAX is a hybrid digital asset exchange which supports new and established digital currencies on a convenient and seamless platform through which anyone can buy, invest, and trade crypto currencies. 3DAX provides a streamlined trading process on a simplified and intuitive interface for a more coordinated and rewarding experience while exceeding the limits of what a digital asset exchange can be. 3DAX offers a concise and simplified portal for anyone to trade crypto currency, thereby, strategically identifying and bringing together standard blockchain organizations and enthusiastic investors to share ideas and values. Hence, it creates a dynamic community that continuously explores and fuels blockchain innovation.

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Perucoin is a project initiated by the company Bits2u, which aims to expand knowledge about cryptocurrencies in Peru and will focus on: Encouraging the public to invest in cryptocurrencies, creating one of the biggest mining farms in Peru, teaching visitors how the mining machines and the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem works.

PeruCoin is developed for mainstream adoption in Peru and will provide an all-in-one solution for crypto-enthusiasts and investors to ensure value maximization for their clients. They aim to bring awareness about crypto, improve the understanding of blockchain’s reliability and drive adoption, especially in Peru, by providing guided visits to their crypto mining farm. Therefore the enlightenment of visitors, who doesn’t trust cryptocurrencies and doesn’t know how the crypto and mining machines work, will be improved and the value of PeruCoin will be increased. They will also offer several crypto-advisory and trading services.

Their ecosystem will make their community members related and access to several valuable services on their platform. Participating in many crypto-transactions without any barriers will be provided to all community members and they will reward their loyal customers who will use their PERU Token. PeruCoin is also dedicated to have a stable coin to serve their purposes because of the risk that flactuations of the tokens value in circulations may cause lots of difficulties for the operations of their business model. They will have a Controlled Reserve Fund which will consist of two primary functions. In addition to spend PERU on their platform, the PERU owners will be incentivized to hold their tokens as long-term growth assets. The Controlled Reserve Fund will be the sole property of PeruCoin and funds will not be available to distribute or be accessed by investors or employees. Investors and employees also will not allowed to trade PERU for 48 hours following a sale or buyback from the Reserve fund.

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