BattleKnight (BKN)

BattleKnight is a PVE and NFT virtual game based on blockchain technology. BattleKnight aims to enhance gamers' gaming experience in the ecosystem while the platform user earns in the process. BKN token is the native currency in the platform and will be used for several purposes. With BKN tokens, users can do many things like hire elite warriors, buy legendary armor & artifacts while increasing their military power. These unique items will be available as NFTs for the platform users to exchange, buy and sell. With the BKN token, players can win, become stronger, and upgrade buildings faster than other players. BattleKnight also plans to bring the game to mobile for Android and iOS users.


🔶 Token Information:


Token Name: BKN
Token Type: BEP20 Binance
Token Price: ~$0.01
Total supply: 1,000,000,000 BKN


🔶 BattleKnight is carrying out a Token-Sale at the moment. Users, who would like to participate in the BattleKnight Token-Sale, should go to their Sign up page and register an account. In addition, you can check their Telegram Group for the latest updates.


🔶 The details of the Token-Sale are as follows:


Token-Sale Date: 02/02/2022 - 30/04/2022
Token-Sale Price: $0.01
Total Tokens for sale: 150,000,000 BKN


Acceptable Currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB


🔶 BKN is Audited by Cointool.


◼️ Always do your own research and due diligence when considering your participation in any blockchain project.

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