Our vision is for the Cannabium token to become the standard currency for cannabis extract trading. By combining the Cannabium Marketplace with a blockchain-based token, the buying and selling of cannabis extracts can become more open, traceable and transparent while saving time and money on unnecessary processes and intermediaries. As the first ever blockchain-based cannabis extracts marketplace, Cannabium will allow for new providers to easily onboard while offering wholesale buyers transparent pricing information and buying choices. Ultimately, cannabis extract consumers benefit from high quality products at competitive prices. We believe that blockchain technology is perfectly suited for trading physical products within a B2B marketplace. The power of a decentralized smart contract system makes possible the creation of a well-balanced, scalable marketplace even as the cannabis extract industry expands. As pharmaceutical and healthcare industries develop more uses for cannabis extracts in their products, the need for a standardized product becomes paramount. The focal point for the Cannabium Marketplace is to meet this need in a way that is both cost effective and transparent. The Cannabium token offers an exciting opportunity for both investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The former can benefit from our extremely lucrative ICO prices, while the latter can benefit from a hard asset-backed token that offers significant support for its price floor. Our blockchain solution transforms the cannabis extracts industry during a period of growing acceptance and within a favorable regulatory atmosphere. We back the Cannabium token with a real product: cannabis extracts, which are supplied by our verified production partners. Join us today as we bring to fruition our vision of a cutting edge cannabis extracts marketplace built on the blockchain.

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