CazPlus (PLUS)

CazPlus has the vision of combining crypto, e-commerce, state-of-the-art technology, and artificial intelligence to create a suitable, secure, and positive experience for investors, crypto traders, and e-commerce customers and merchants.

It will do so by presenting an ecosystem of several parts:

⬛️ CazShop: It is an e-commerce market.

⬛️ CazWave: Includes Fintech solutions

CazWave consists of three parts:

➖ CazPay: The mechanism to purchase products using cryptocurrencies from any e-commerce site
➖ CazCredit: A buy now, postpay solution for cryptocurrencies
➖ CazHedge: Protect vendors from crypto volatility 

⬛️ CazExchange: Exchange of crypto to provide liquidity to the ecosystem

CazPlus ecosystem is based on the Founders' own experience and learning from the environment. This system supported by researching trends in E-commerce, payment gateways, cryptocurrencies, and artificial intelligence.

🔶  Token-Information:

Token Name: PLUS
Token Type: ERC20- Ethereum
Soft Cap : $3,000,000
Hard Cap : $9,000,000
Available for sale: 4,000,000,000 PLUS
Total Supply: 9,999,999,999 PLUS

? CazPlus is carrying out an IEO at ExMarkets Exchange between 15th of September - 30th of November. Users, who would like to participate in the CazPlus IEO, need to register an account on here

? The details of the IEO are as follows:

Token Name: PLUS

Round 1 Price: 1 PLUS = $0.00200 (Bonus: %20)
Round 1 Date: 15.09.2019 (10AM, GMT+5)
15.10.2019 (10AM, GMT+5)

Round 2 Price: 1 PLUS = $0.00220 (Bonus: %15)
Round 2 Date: 16.10.2019 (10AM, GMT+5)
31.10.2019 (10AM, GMT+5)

Round 3 Price: 1 PLUS = $0.00240 (Bonus: %10)
Round 3 Date: 01.11.2019 (10AM, GMT+5)
10.11.2019 (10AM, GMT+5)

Round 4 Price: 1 PLUS = $0.00260 (Bonus: %5)
Round 4 Date: 11.11.2019 (10AM, GMT+5)
20.11.2019 (10AM, GMT+5)

Round 5 Price: 1 PLUS = $0.00270 (Bonus: %0)
Round 5 Date: 21.11.2019 (10AM, GMT+5)
30.11.2019 (10AM, GMT+5)

⬛️ Always do your own research and due diligence when considering your participation in any blockchain project.

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