Cyclops Game (CYCR)

Cyclops Game is a Hybrid DeFi platform that develops Blockchain solutions for the game. The focus is on making the developed solutions highly customizable. Cyclops Game aims to create a decentralized hybrid game platform. It combines asset identity representation and DeFi yield farming through NFTs to develop the hybrid gaming platform. Cyclops Game platform enables decentralized games to be developed on the Blockchain. It also acts as layer 2, enabling games or platforms to hybridize and interact with the Blockchain. Cyclops Game works with a dual token system: CYTR (governance token) and CYCR (rewards token). In the future, it aims to have a hybrid of DAG, its own chain, and conventional Blockchain.

🔶 Token Information:

Token Name:    CYCR
Token Type:     ERC20 Ethereum 
Token Price:     0.1 ETH
Total Supply:   16,000 CYCR

🔶 Cyclops Game is carrying out a Pre-Sale at the moment. Users, who would like to participate in the Cyclops Game Pre-Sale, need to submit their information to the form. The CYTR holders will receive bonus.

🔶 CYTR is listed on Uniswap Exchange

🔶 The details of the Pre-Sale are as follows:

Pre-Sale Allocations: 3200 CYTR
Pre-Sale Price: 0.1 ETH
Pre-Sale Soft Cap: 100 ETH
Pre-Sale Hardcap: 320 ETH
Acceptable Currencies: ETH

◼️ Always do your own research and due diligence when considering your participation in any blockchain project.

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