EzyStayz (EzyStayz Token)

EzyStayz is a public holiday rental marketplace powered by blockchain technology to transform the booking-renting process. They run a working platform that provides a flawless, speedy, and low-priced way to rent or register rental properties globally. The development and launch of a native cryptocurrency linked with EzyStayz will set up a layer of decentralization. It is borrowing from the crypto division and allows consumers and landowners to agree with each other on the platform with no fee or expenses.  

They plan to release exceptional value for clients and businesses on their platform, by transforming customary holiday rental platforms as well as delivering rising importance to all hotels, property owners, and their clients.  EzyStayz has more than 1 million accommodations (hotels, hostels, villas apartments, and more), 205 countries all around the world, 1892 hotel chains, more than 80,000 destinations worldwide.

EzyStayz holds the compulsory rigid certificates intended for procedure crosswise a variety of markets, which allows them to manage their operation globally. It is idyllically positioned to present competitive charges through an arrangement of the existing rental services into combination with blockchain-based modules along with communications.


 🔶 Token Information:

Token Name:   EzyStayz Token
Token Type:     ERC20-Ethereum
Total supply:    5,600,000,000 EZY
Token Price:     $0.005
Soft Cap:           2,500,000 USDT
Hard Cap:         8,100,000 USDT


🔶 EZY is listed on Foblgate Exchange Users who would like to buy EZY token need to create a wallet on the Foblgate Exchange 

◼️ Always do your own research and due diligence when considering your participation in any blockchain project.

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