Futurov FTV

Futurov is a multimedia entertainment platform aiming to build a community governed OTT protocol. They plan to reward platform creators for monetizing their content and providing users with an opportunity to watch various multimedia content. Futurov will allow governance on their protocol with their native asset, FTV, which users can use to vote on all platform decisions.  And users on the project ecosystem will get the opportunity to vote through the Futurov Dapp. The burn rate for FTV is 4.269% per transaction, and 50% of the total transaction amount is burned, 25% is allocated to LP, 25% is allotted to the holders. They intend to develop a gamified Defi, where users can learn and earn rewards from playing various games. Futurov aims to provide worldwide feeds with localized and decentralized media and further integrations with YouTube, theta, and LBRY.

Additionally, their team plan to build an NFT marketplace that artists can use to launch their NFT cinemas and iconic marks for people to enjoy. They also aim to develop social media and a peer-to-peer review network, which users can use to interact and connect with other members.


🔶 Token Information:

Token Name:    FTV
Token Type:     BEP20 Binance
Token Price:     0.00000043591 BNB (~$0.00023)
Initial Supply:   8,000,000,000 FTV
Final Supply:    1,000,000,000 FTV
Burn Rate:       4.269% per transaction 


🔶 Futurov is carrying out a Public Sale at the moment. Users, who would like to participate Futurov Public Sale, should send BNB to their sale address.

Sale Address: 0x9f7d125f608E88b03a270E2532C6fF118dcd5EB3


🔶 The details of the Public Sale are as follows:

Public Sale Date: 16/05/2021

Public Sale Round 1 Price: ~$0.00023 (Ended)

Public Sale Round 2 Price: ~$0.00025 (Ongoing)

Public Sale Softcap:     69 BNB 
Public Sale Hardcap: 420BNB

Minimum Purchase Amount:  0.003 BNB
Maximum Purchase Amount: 4.2 BNB
Planned Listing Price: 0.00000047950 BNB (~$0.00029)
Acceptable Currencies: BNB

◼️ Always do your own research and due diligence when considering your participation in any blockchain project.

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