Geoma COOP Network COOP

Geoma COOP is an autonomous organization managed by members and employees who are voluntarily united. It works to meet common economic, social, and cultural needs through co-owned enterprise. Within the organization, there are voluntary and open membership, democratic member control, economic participation of members, autonomy and independence, education, training and information, cooperation between cooperatives, and community concern. 

With the principles, COOP is aimed to be an economic model for the 21st century. COOPs are a democratic economic structure and the management of a COOP is done by members voting. Benefits and profits within the organization are distributed directly to the wallets of the members accordingly.

Members can interact directly with COOP's finance and businesses through their own wallets. COOP provides decentralized lending, borrowing, staking, and factoring opportunities with the Lending Union. COOP has document verification via Blockchain ID, and members have real-time access to the process with open accounting. COOP has two tokens. The GC token is the security token and represents the shares in COOP. The second token is a utility token and is used to interact with the GC platform.

🔶 Token-Information:

Geoma COOP Network has two tokens:

Token Name: COOP
Token Type: ERC20 Ethereum 
Token Price: ~$0.025
Total Supply: 100.000.000 COOP

Token Name: GCS (Geoma COOP Security)
Token Type: ERC-1400
Total Supply: 1.000.000 GCS

🔶 Geoma COOP Network is running a Pre Sale at the moment. Users who would like to participate Geoma COOP Network Pre Sale, need to connect their wallet here.

🔶 You can also buy co-ownership in Geoma COOP Network. You can visit here for information and buy.

🔶 COOP utility tokens can be exchanged for GCS. Also, Geoma COOP Network will be listed on the Uniswap soon.

🔶 The CoopNetwork is the Geoma COOPs Blockchain project which fits in form and functionality to the needs of the enterprise. Their MVPs are Staking and Governance. Also, Geoma COOP Network partner with the Ferrum Network. You can find the details here.

◼️ Always do your own research and due diligence when considering your participation in any blockchain project.

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