Advantages of GSTAR game. The age of real games has come. Now the game also produces value. Mobile game mining, rewards program Now mining is no longer labour. Let's enjoy mining. in 2019, new mining will emerge. The game itself is mining. Not just one or two, but about 10 are launched at the same time. A new age comes to mining. GSTAR opens a new mobile mining era. So far, there was no compensation program ~ !!! Mining can be done by investing in cash, but users who purchase GSTAR can reinvest and mine GSTAR. If you buy GSTAR now, you will get two benefits. If you reinvest in mining with GSTAR, which you initially bought at a cheap price, your profits will be multiplied. Competitive Rewards Games It is a program that rewards all the users from all over the world by ranking them from the first to the last. Imagine it. It is an exciting reward game program where thousands of people and millions of people compete in a massive competition. It gives rewards to the last. What is my rank? The existing mining Agency should go away. Even if you invest only 45 seconds, it will be mined. It is always possible to be mined when taking a break in the subway, toilet, etc. It is not uneasy because the user can directly mine the game and check it immediately. Anyone in the world can mine. It is very simple, not complex. Mining is possible without teaching. New mobile mining era, no waste of resources. Are you going to the North Pole for mining? I play and mine. It does not cost expensive electricity like existing mining. No space needed. Time is also saved. It may take a while. A truly shared economy has been begun. Mobile mining is not as monopolistic as existing mining. 1 person, 1 mobile mining only. A truly shared economy begins. Coins mined in the game, used in the real world. Now, play produces value. It will be used for various Internet contents and shopping with coins mined while playing. We plan to apply various contents such as self-prepared and affiliated Internet contents. For example, content can be used in many places, including education and download services. GSTAR mined is traded on the exchange. The coins mined are of course traded on the exchange. It can be converted into the currency of each country through the exchange and used in reality. We are already negotiating with various countries to list on various exchanges.

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