GXT Global (GXT)

GXT Global is the platform that brings together services and exchanges, which are essential components of the token economy. GXT Global is a global platform with companies and offices in seven countries. 

There are two main business divisions: financial platform and logistics distribution. Its ecosystem includes many businesses such as luxury goods distribution, diamond trading, cryptocurrency exchange, and optional swap. The real economy and crypto ecosystem have been created within GXT Global to value the GXT token, and various services are offered. 

Users can auction to buy items for less than the regular price. At the same time, the GXT token can be exchanged for cash and cryptocurrencies through exchanges.

🔶  Token Information:

Token Name:    GXT
Token Type:       ERC20 Ethereum
Listing Price:       ~$0.55
Total Supply:     500.000.000 GXT

🔶 GXT, is listed on Latoken, Coinsbit ,VinDAX and BW.com exchanges. Users who would like to buy the GXT token, need to register on one of those exchanges. You can visit Coinmarketcap for details

◼️ Always do your own research and due diligence when considering your participation in any blockchain project.

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