HEX is a blockchain deposit certificate, a common banking product called a time deposit. HEX decreases the staking supply, causing positive price pressure on non-staked coins. The HEX token is in the form of a smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain and uses the ERC-20 standard to maximize security. HEX is like a notebook where everyone can see their balance. Shareholders can profit from 3.69% annual inflation, early and late stock penalties. By staking in HEX, you have the opportunity to mint with 20%, three times longer, and 1.1x bigger bonuses per year. To create the share price, HEX rises every day, simulating compound rates. The USD price of HEX has increased 263 times in 301 days, and the HEX team claims it is working faster, safer, and better for the environment than Bitcoin.

🔶 Token Information:

Token Name:    HEX
Token Type:      ERC20 Ethereum 
Token Price:      0,005 USD
Total Supply:    175,453,179,545 HEX

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🔶 HEX is listed on Uniswap, Bitcoin.com, Cat.Ex exchanges. You can visit Coinmarketcap for details.

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