ICTE is a cross-blockchain decentralized exchange that enables its users to enjoy the advantages of high platform speed, security, and liquidity through a network of decentralized blockchains deployed with a global satellite network while charging only a small fraction of the fees that most centralized exchanges charge today. ICTE provides high security for its user’s data utilizing their cloud technology. To give users access to global liquidity, ICTE has categorized its model under two types: Alpha Exchanges and Satellite Exchanges. 

On the platform, you can trade as an individual trader or you can choose to operate a Satellite Exchange for your region. The platform’s own token is called IEO and the exchange will support over 80 tokens from various blockchains.

ICTE plans to become a platform that is much faster than the currently existing cryptocurrency exchanges. In order to accomplish this goal, ICTE makes use of a combination of its own in-house messaging system, cloud computing technologies, and blockchain architectures that enables matching across global exchange nodes on the ICTE platform. Another feature that would help the ICTE platform to be distinguished from the other exchanges is the superior security level it aims to provide to its users thanks to its highly professional security team that is persistently testing against the hacking attempts. One striking feature is the fact that the exchange doesn’t even handle the private keys of the users. Running a single and global liquidity book will also help the users to enjoy the best prices with high liquidity.  The users of the platform will be able to trade with multiple order types and the platform also supports algorithmic and institutional trading. All of these features make ICTE stand out from the crowd, providing what the global crypto community really needs and doing it in a very economical way.

? ICTE is running a private sale at the moment. The IEO token will become available for trading once the exchange goes live.

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? Token-Information:

Token Name: IEO
Token Type: ERC20 & IPFS
Total Supply: 600,000,000 IEO
Soft Cap:   $0
Hard Cap: $60,000,000

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