Dear Community,

BolttCoin [BOLTT] who previously promoted that they have already hit their hard cap ($25,000,000) in an ICO last year is now holding an IEO

We would like to inform all community that we have received documented proof that the company has committed investment fraud and in fact, did not raise the said funds. It is aleged that them hitting their hard cap was just promoted in order to artificially inflate the price of their token and to increase interest and demand in their project.

This and other info infringements have been reported to the authorities and will undoubtedly result in a legal investigation against BolttCoin [BOLTT] and its founders.

We have also been made aware that exchange offering the IEO has been provided with evidence of the fraud and it has been suggested that the IEO to be canceled in order to protect their users and the community at large.

▪️ In the occurrence that the IEO is not canceled or is subsequently moved to another exchange, we strongly advise all community members to observe caution and beware of participating in any BolttCoin [BOLTT] IEO.

▪️ Always stay vigilant and do your due diligence.

Thank you,

ICO Announcement Team