IOI is a social trading and tracking platform that combines gaming and gambling elements with cryptocurrency. By this social trading and tracking platform, traders get a chance to communicate and learn from each other due to its advantage of copying the traders or bet on themselves and race in 24-hour long competitions while trading or tracking the portfolios. Like other well-known crypto exchanges, IOI provides opportunities to buy or sell different kinds of cryptocurrencies, while creating a fun car racing game format. Traders are known as racers and coins are the car fuels. Racers collect points and use these coins to trade while enjoying the fun format of IOI.

Token Information:

Token Name:   IOI
Token Type:     TRON
Token Price:     ~$1.2 (1 IOI = 100 TRX)
Total supply:   100,000,000 IOI

? IOI users can buy IOI tokens when the platform launches on April 15, 2020. Also, IOI will be carrying out a Premium Reseller Program in May, 2020. The program is based on invitation and most active players and affiliate parners can receive up to 30% commission on token sales. Users, who would like to register on the platform, can visit here

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