Irbis Network (IBS)

Irbis Network is a project by SC Telecom, which serves in the field of developing products for secure and high-quality communication. Irbis Network uses a ready-made mobile network infrastructure that implements the use of blockchain nodes in order to provide the highest quality service with the lowest cost possible.

The project's mission is to introduce a new product that is aimed to boost the privacy of phone calls all over the world and within this scope, the team has already launched 3 products:

▪️ Secure GSM Network via SIM
▪️ Secure VoIP
▪️ Telegram Bot

The project team is currently working on developing three new products: SC VPN, which is a decentralized blockchain-based VPN Network; SC Mobile, which is SIM for mobile internet and calls via Telegram bot; and SC IoT, which enables to create IoT (Internet of Things) solutions anytime and apply them worldwide. 

Irbis Network's token IBS is an ERC-20 Ethereum based token, which can be used for raising funds for the further development of the project.

? Irbis Network is currently running a pre-sale. Investors who would like to buy IBS tokens need to click the web link, write their ETH address, the amount in USD and make a payment. After processing the payment, tokens will be sent to your ETH wallet.

? IBS tokens can be used on Irbis Network products or in the future can be traded on exchanges. 

? Until the end of the year, several rounds of IEO and STO will be held.

◼️ Always do your own research and due diligence when considering your participation in any blockchain project.


Meet The Team