iZOBi aims to create a unique marketplace that connects service users with freelance service providers. Through the iZOBi platform, services seekers can hire various service providers, ensuring it can provide on-demand services. The iZOBi team claims to offer ten services at the initial launch and add multiple services as the demand increases via their App. iZOBi will offer iZOBi tokens, which will be used as a native currency in the platform. It's built on the Binance Smart Chain, and users in the platform can use it as a means of payment for different services. iZOBi users in the platform will have the option to pay with their credit or debit card alongside iZOBi, and they can make their payment after their requested task is finished. 


🔶 Token Information:

Token Name: iZOBi
Token Type: BEP20 Binance
Token Price: 0.05 €
Total Supply: 5,000,000,000 iZOBi


🔶 iZOBi is carrying out a Pre-Sale at the moment. Users, who would like to participate in the iZOBi Pre-Sale, need to register on their website.

🔶 The details of the Pre-Sale are as follows:

Pre-Sale Round 1 Date: 01/05/2021 - 31/05/2021
Pre-Sale Round 1 Price: 0.05 €

Pre-Sale Round 2 Date: 01/06/2021 - 30/06/2021
Pre-Sale Round 2 Price: 0.09 €

Pre-Sale Round 3 Date: 01/07/2021 - 30/07/2021
Pre-Sale Round 3 Price: 0.20 €

Pre-Sale Softcap: 100,000 €
Pre-Sale Hardcap: 10,000,000 €
Minimum Purchase Amount: 125 € (Equivalent in BTC, ETH or BNB)
Acceptable Currencies: EUR, BTC, ETH, BNB


◼️ Always do your own research and due diligence when considering your participation in any blockchain project.

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