MorCrypto Exchange (MOR)

MorCrypto is a platform that provides exchange, mining service, cryptocurrency e-commerce, and many investment opportunities as well. Morcrypto Exchange is a P2P trading platform that allows its users to trade various cryptocurrencies mutually. MorCrypto's biggest goal is to be the pioneer of every innovation in Africa through Blockchain and to deliver new products. 

MorCrypto is half of the African cryptocurrency market. Because Nigeria is ahead of other African countries in the cryptocurrency market, and once MorCrypto has obtained a full license, it will be easy to reach other African countries in the market. MorCrypto Exchange has the MOR token, which can be taken as the basis for all transactions.

? Token Information:

Token Name: MOR
Token Type: ERC20 - Ethereum
Total supply: 1,000,000,000
Token Price: $0.018

? MorCrypto Exchange is running an Pre-Sale at the moment. Users, who would like to participate in the MorCrypto Exchange Pre-Sale, need to register an account on MorCrypto website and deposit ETH or BTC.

? The details of the Pre-Sale are as follows:

Pre-Sale Start Date: 23/01/2020
Pre-Sale Finish Date: 1/02/2020
Pre-Sale Supply: 22,222,222 MOR
Pre-Sale Price: $0.009 (50% discount)

✔️ Acceptable currencies: ETH, BTC (10% bonus on all purchase)

◼️ Always do your own research and due diligence when considering your participation in any blockchain project.

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