MUST Protocol

The MUST Protocol offers a public protocol for standardized non-fungible tokens for a broad technical audience. The MUST Protocol allows the creation of products based on the nonfungible token standard, using a full set of instruments, a framework, and a set of symbols for various uses. This leads to a reduction in development time, risk, and costs associated with the development of blockchain-based solutions. You can support a wide range of decentralized apps and business models, enabling companies to take advantage of the full blockchain potential. The MUST Protocol is an open source protocol that converts unique digital or real assets into non-fungible tokens – a unique proof of assets and rights to them available in blockchain. The mission of the MUST Protocol is to connect the world of real and digital assets with the blockchain world through the tokenization of asset rights and provide app developers with a secure and cross-functional framework to prove assets and tokenize rights to them. Decentralized apps will be built on the MUST Protocol to enable businesses to solve urgent problems and benefit from using blockchain right now. Most of the tasks and cases that the MUST Protocol team receives from real businesses will be introduced to the community of developers as a hackathon. The process of funding innovative developments in the field of tokenizing rights to real assets will be launched through the creation of value for business via decentralized apps developed on the basis of the MUST Protocol. This will lead to the popularization of blockchain-based solutions in the real sector of the economy and the exponential growth in demand for nonfungible tokens and various scenarios for their use from real businesses. The team of the MUST Protocol will focus its efforts on creating an environment that will provide real businesses with innovative tools and additional profitability, on the one hand, and provide decentralized app developers with high quality, highly efficient frameworks to prove, manage, and tokenize rights to real assets through non-fungible tokens, on the other hand. The MUST Protocol is a plug-in solution with an advanced level of integration for various DApps. This allows developers to focus on the application layer and quickly create apps for the sale, lease and pledge of assets, guarantees, loans, and decentralized exchange of non-fungible tokens.

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