Netbox Global (NBX)

Netbox Global is a decentralized blockchain-backed web browser, where the active users of it get rewarded daily for surfing on the Internet. The Netbox.Browsers can be thought of as ordinary nodes of the network. The project also features the possibility of earning passive income by running of master nodes or staking holdings with pool (PoS).

All Netbox.Browsers are united in the Netbox. Chain blockchain network, which does not have any transaction fees and is based on the PIVX open-source blockchain. The browsers also come with an integrated multi-currency crypto wallet, which is called the Netbox.Wallet. With the Netbox.Wallet, it is possible to store, send, receive, and exchange all the supported crypto and fiat currencies.

 🔶 Coin Information:

The development of Netbox Global has been made at the team's expense. The project does not have any fund raising mechanisms such as running an ICO, IEO, pre-sale etc. Initially, the team owns 100% of the project share and the following distribution of shares of coins issued is planned as below: 

Max. Supply: 100,000,000 NBX
Minimal Mining Amount: 28,000,000 NBX
Premine Amount: 72,000,000 NBX 
(66,000,000 - Team Supply + 6,000,000 - Airdrop Budget)

The team plans to gradually reduce its share of ownership and this transition to a decentralized economic model is planned to take approximately 3-4 years.

⬛️ Always do your own research and due diligence when considering your participation in any blockchain project.

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