OilWellCoin (OILD)

The basis of the OilWellCoin Project is to promote the liberalization and transparency of transactions in the petroleum products market.

OilWellCoin is the first project in the world aimed at solving the problem of financing and developing the oil industry on the basis of blockchain technologies. It is created by a group of professionals with more than 40 years of experience in oil exploration, software development, and law.

The strategic goal of the OilWell project is to implement innovative blockchain-based financing mechanisms in the oil production, refining, and marketing industries, which will reduce the threshold for investors to enter the business and increase capital inflows into the industry. OilWell platform will allow anyone to become a member of the oil business.

Token Name: OILD
Token Type: ETH (ERC20)
Total Supply: 16,000,000,
Overall Soft Cap: $10,000,000
Overall Hard Cap: $50,000,000

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