ORYX is a community-orientated blockchain project. It aims to bridge the Middle East and international markets as well as non-chain businesses and make e-commerce scalable for decentralization. Oryx acts as a broker working with cryptocurrency to transfer funds and payments along with platforms. To this end, it works for the collective adoption of token use in the real world. (Exchange platform, shops, crypto games, crypto platform, e-commerce, etc.)

The main task is the technical distribution of electronic payments through electronic transactions from the centralized center. It aims to solve the problems of vendors with applications that provide faster solutions against slow service delivery. In the future, it is a project that will have its own blockchain with optional privacy.

🔶 Token-Information:

Token Name: Oryx(ORX)
Token Type: ETH (ERC-20)
Total Supply: 100,000,000 ORX

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