Ouroboros (OURO)

Ouroboros was established to solve problems such as insecurity resulting from transactions with blockchain technology and the difficulties of dealing with high volume. Ouroboros is based on Cosmos-SDK, Tendermint, thereby strengthening the real-life operations of digital assets. The majority of users want a fast and secure environment, and Ourobors has a next-generation encryption system that is easy to use and provides high transaction throughput. In this system, a new block is created every 6 seconds with the blockchain for the volume of transactions and it is capable of 1k transactions per second. Another major feature and service of Ouroboros is blockchain-based Paraminig, which produces new coins in your wallet. Mining on its own is extremely costly and requires much energy. Ouroboros, on the other hand, minimizes the difficulty in this situation. The most important advantage of paramining is that no network user can interfere with this system because everyone can see the amount of money given by the system.

? Coin-Information:

Coin Name: Ouroboros
Coin Symbol: OURO
Coin Type: Built on Cosmos SDK and Tendermint
Initial Emission: 10,000,000 OURO
Final Emission: 7,530,000,000 OURO
Coin Price: $0.2

? OURO is listed on BTC-Alpha and Vindax Exchanges.

Always do your own research and due diligence when considering your participation in any blockchain project.

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