Perucoin is a project initiated by the company Bits2u, which aims to expand knowledge about cryptocurrencies in Peru and will focus on: Encouraging the public to invest in cryptocurrencies, creating one of the biggest mining farms in Peru, teaching visitors how the mining machines and the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem works. PeruCoin is developed for mainstream adoption in Peru and will provide an all-in-one solution for crypto-enthusiasts and investors to ensure value maximization for their clients. They aim to bring awareness about crypto, improve the understanding of blockchain's reliability and drive adoption, especially in Peru, by providing guided visits to their crypto mining farm. Therefore the enlightenment of visitors, who doesn't trust cryptocurrencies and doesn't know how the crypto and mining machines work, will be improved and the value of PeruCoin will be increased. They will also offer several crypto-advisory and trading services. Their ecosystem will make their community members related and access to several valuable services on their platform. Participating in many crypto-transactions without any barriers will be provided to all community members and they will reward their loyal customers who will use their PERU Token. PeruCoin is also dedicated to have a stable coin to serve their purposes because of the risk that flactuations of the tokens value in circulations may cause lots of difficulties for the operations of their business model. They will have a Controlled Reserve Fund which will consist of two primary functions. In addition to spend PERU on their platform, the PERU owners will be incentivized to hold their tokens as long-term growth assets. The Controlled Reserve Fund will be the sole property of PeruCoin and funds will not be available to distribute or be accessed by investors or employees. Investors and employees also will not allowed to trade PERU for 48 hours following a sale or buyback from the Reserve fund.

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