PGF500 is a platform whose service ecosystem, being usable through the PGF7T token, allows startups and small businesses to structure, define and offer their business to the international market. The service ecosystem provides the tools through which it is possible to plan the company's activity, validate its business model and offer it to coiners and partners all over the world with reliability, transparency and interoperability. The business world is in continuous and rapid transformation, structured models for analysing new propositions are constantly evolving, and those who want to begin a business activity are faced with a huge pool of knowledge, methods, forms and best practices that are barely organised or indeed organisable. The main difficulty is the operational order needed to proceed, and a startupper or a small entrepreneur, or sometimes artisan, does not have a guide that lets them organise their ideas, describe them so they are comprehensible to those outside the sector, contact a coiner and convince them to support their business financially. The obstacles that arise at the beginning of entrepreneurial undertakings are: Lack of a defined process: the startuppers or artisans, in almost all cases, have never written a business plan, do not know the structure and do not have a guide to follow from the first draft to the pitch version. Difficulty analysing the venture: coiners receive dozens of ideas in the form of documents, and it is inefficient to read them all in different forms and different languages, sometimes with mistakes, which often leads coiners to discard ideas that are brilliant but have not been well communicated. Lack of economic/financial focus: those who propose a venture very often do not possess the tools to produce and present data on finance, production and market, which could therwise make the same venture successful. Interaction with the world of finance and ICOs: in many countries it is complicated and time-consuming to access venture capital and business angels, as well as bringing an ICO to the market. Use of financial instruments: Startups or SMEs are not familiar with financial instruments, nor are they able to choose the one that best suits their business or the growth strategy they wish to implement. Difficulty accessing professional skills: it is difficult for a startup or SME to access integrated business planning consultancy services, and the web is full of trained professionals who have difficulty expanding their consulting market. At PGF500 we believe that an ecosystem of ntegrated, interoperable and community-based services will allow us to focus better on business initiatives and, by allowing us to interact with the world of finance and financial instruments via blockchain, will help improve the startup ecosystem to validate initiatives and make novice entrepreneurs or established artisans an integral part of the next generation of innovators.

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