Pngme (PNG)

Pngme is a hybrid centralized and decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that allows open access to financing anywhere at any time through a smartphone. Targeting emerging markets users can make instant payments, save money, and get a digital credit score using data from their smartphone.

Pngme is launching first with cryptocurrency peer-to-peer payments and cryptocurrency interest-bearing savings accounts using Pngcoin. Subsequently, Pngme will be launching regulated, regional, asset-backed stable coins. This will allow for payments, savings, and digital asset backed loans to be taken out through our mobile application or DeFi Dapp in the following fiat currencies:

       ● United States Dollar (USD)
       ● Euro (EUR)

       ● Great British Pound (GBP)

       ● Kenyan Shilling (KSh)

       ● Nigerian Naira (NGN)

Users of Pngme will be able to stake Pngcoin to earn interest and increase their Pngcoin holdings as well as get discounts on lending rates and fees. Each quarter Pngme will repurchase Pngcoin with 10% of its profits back from users.

Users of Pngme will be able to:

       ● Make mobile payments
       ● Earn interest on savings

       ● Take out asset-backed loans     

       ● Build a digital footprint credit score

Pngme’s vision is to enable anyone in the world to have democratized access to financial services from their mobile devices.

Pngme is currently carrying out a private sale for Pngcoin. Users, who would like to participate in the Pngcoin private sale, may visit here

The details of the private sale are as follows:

Token Name: Pngcoin (PNG)
Private sale round 1 price:
1 PNG = $ 0.013 + 100% bonus (1,667 cap)
Private sale round 2 price: 1 PNG = $ 0.013 + 75% bonus (4,167 cap)
Private sale round 3 price: 1 PNG = $ 0.013 + 25% bonus (10,417 cap)

The dates of the main sale or IEO will be announced shortly.
Main sale price: 1 PNG = $ 0.013 (no bonus)

⬛️ Always do your own research and due diligence when considering your participation in any blockchain project.

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