Secured Gold Coin (SGC)

Secure Gold Coin is a 60% gold-backed hybrid coin that aims to empower people with stability, availability, and security based on blockchain technology. The main goal of SGC is to provide an encrypted currency to all users around the world and to guide the market. The SGC is against the problem of having cryptocurrencies in the market that don't fulfill their promises. The coin has 60% gold support, ensuring that users are not affected by the SGC coin or gold price change that may occur during release. SGC coin users have the right to use the coin they have in their ownership to make payments or transfers, sell their coin on the cryptocurrency foreign exchange market, or trade. A different path is being followed for individuals who decide to use the SGC coin. Users will receive the gold equivalent of 60% of the SGC coin they have in their wallets. Users of the SGC coin are issued a gold certificate and the wallet address remains the same even if trading is done after that certificate. The SGC coin works as a hybrid coin as well as being a crypto coin. It has many options and can be used for e-commerce, it can be traded on the stock exchange and it can be integrated with SGC Pay Debit Card. The SGC Wallet has been created to enable users to do their work securely in an encrypted environment, and options such as SGC Web Wallet, SGC Mobile Wallet and SGC Desktop Wallet have been added to provide ease of access to this wallet. At the same time, the SGC Pay, as well as the SGC Wallet, was activated. SGC Pay is a payment feature that SGC coin users can use for everyday purposes. This service was also integrated into debit cards to make it better.

? Coin Information:

Coin Name: SGC
Token Type: Hybrid - Ethereum Fork
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 BUY

? Secured Gold Coin is running a SGC Sale at the moment. Users, who would like to participate in the SGC Sale, need to register an account on Secure Gold Coin website

? The details of the SGC Sale are as follows:

SGC Sale Start Date: 04/10/2019
SGC Sale Price: $1
SGC Sale Supply: 1,000,000 SGC
Currencies Accepted: BTC, ETH, USD

? SGC is listed on Dcoin, Coinsbit, and Exmarkets Exchanges and will be listed on Vindax Exchange shortly.

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