Tozex (TOZ)

Tozex is a funding platform that allows token-based crowdfunding campaigns. The platform prepares a transparent ecosystem for token issuance, financing, and trading. Tozex finances SMEs' projects on-board using the Tokenpad module, which offers a market for crypto assets. The platform is accessible to entrepreneurs and also allows for the exchange of investments made by investors. Tozex aims to establish the link between the primary and secondary markets and to establish an existing economic system for all stakeholders. Entrepreneurs who own projects within the Tozex ecosystem will be able to finance their assets between ICO, STO, and BRO.

?  Token Information:

Token Name:   TOZ
Token Type:     ERC-20 Ethereum
Token Price:     ~$1
Total Supply:    Will be calculated after the BRO campaign

Tozex will be running out the BRO campaign at the moment. Users who would like to participate the BRO campaign need to register on the Tozex website You can find the detailed informations about BRO here

? The details of the BRO are as follows:

BRO Start Date: 22/06/2020
BRO Price: $1 (5% bonus, if you complete the pre-registration)
BRO Interest Rates: 10%,12%,15%
BRO Staking Bonus: 10%

Always do your own research and due diligence when considering your participation in any blockchain project.

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