United Emirate Decentralised Coin UEDC

United Emirate Decentralised Coin aims to provide secure, fast payment solutions based on the Binance Smart Chain. Users in their ecosystem can easily interact with it to send secure payments across the globe and soon be able to make payments for purchasing goods and services. They further plan to offer wallet encryption, which shields from wallet-stealing viruses and trojans to secure user wallets, enabling them to view transactions and account balances stored in the blockchain. Their peer-to-peer payment system allows for faster payment processing and verification of transactions. United Emirate Coin users can store their coins on their computer drives, smartphone, hardware wallet, or in the cloud. Unlike traditional payment systems, United Emirate Coin aims to simplify transactions, settle them faster, and offer transparency and security by utilizing decentralized ledger technology.


🔶 Token Information:

Token Name: UEDC
Token Type: BEP20 Binance
Token Price: ~$0.072
Total Supply: 20,000,000 UEDC


🔶 UEDC is already listed on PancakeSwap.


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