Zapaygo (ZHT)

Zapaygo is an application that aims to make your life easier. In our daily life, we wait in queues to place an order, which causes time loss for us. Zapaygo gives the chance to save time by pre-ordering. After the order, the only thing you should do is to pick your order or wait for it to come to you. By using this user-friendly application, you can order your drinks and food from your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, bars, even from event spaces and stadiums. Zapaygo helps social distance. When using Zapaygo, you do not need to use touch-card machines or ATMs and wait in public areas to order and to be prepared for your order. Besides, you can earn rewards from Zapaygo App in addition to saving time from your orders. Shortly after rolling out in the UK, Zapaygo will launch worldwide, starting in the US and Asia.  

Token Information:

Token Name:   ZHT
Token Type:     ERC-20 Ethereum
Token Price:     0.05 USDT (IEO Round 1 Price)
Total supply:   10,000,000,000 ZHT

? Zapaygo will be carrying out an IEO on the WenX at the 17th of May, 2020 (01.00 GMT). Users, who would like to participate in the Zapaygo IEO sale, need to register an account on WenX website and complete the KYC.

? To be a local parner, please visit the Zapaygo website


? The details of the IEO are as follows:

IEO Round 1 Start Date: 17/05/2020 (01:00 GMT)
IEO Round 1 Finish Date: 25/05/2020 (04:00 GMT)
IEO Round 1 Price:  0.05 USDT
IEO Round 1 Supply: 1,000,000 ZHT
Currencies Accepted: USDT

◼️ Always do your own research and due diligence when considering your participation in any blockchain project

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