Starter Plan

  • Your project will be listed on our Telegram Channel and Twitter Page as a dedicated post to your project with:
    • Short Description of project
    • Token Sale Dates/Details
    • Website Link
    • Telegram Group/Channel Link
    • Project’s Other Social Media Accounts
    • Document Links (Whitepaper, Onepager, Pitch Deck)
    • Introduction Video Link
    • Bounty/Airdrop Program Links
  • Your project’s post will remain as the last post for at least 24 hours and it will not be covered by another post during that time period.

Premium Plan

  • This package includes all properties of the Starter Plan Package. Additionally;
  • Your project will be listed and also will get pinned for at least 36 hours on Telegram Channel and Twitter Page. Thus, all subscribers of the channel will have a second notification, even though they have muted the channel.
  • Additionally, no other project will get published during that time period. Therefore, your project will have the best visibility.
  • Furthermore, your project will be listed indefinitely on the ICO Announcement Website as “Featured” on the front page.

Premium Elite Plan

  • This package includes all properties of the Premium Plan package. Additionally;

  • Our designer team will create a professional banner (728 x 90) which includes your project or token sale details. Then, this banner will be listed on ICO Announcement Website as a top banner during 1 week period with an embedded link to your token sale or IEO platform.